My favorite memory about Snowbell was when she climbed on top of her cage.Like that Snowbell is friendly.I did not like cleaning her cage.I will miss her.You fill her bottle and put new paper in her cage once a week.
This video is about what we done for the school.
Painted lady's eat what they live in.our painted lady's have grown a lot bigger and when they grow up they will be a butterfly.The millworm's are very fast.They eat apple's.They will be a beetle when they grow up.The second stage of a millworm is called pupa.Instade of call baby millworms they are called larva.
Our business partner's are Travis,Jabre,and Jamarion.The good or service we sell is hotdog's and lemonade.
The name of our business is Papa's Hotdog's and Lemonade.We thing our classmate's need or want our business because when you are going somewhere
Really far you can stop onside of the road
And it is a really good price.The good or
service will cost 5$!
If we had a very pretty world then it get's messed up I would be worried about the fresh water and food become into dirty food's and water.I would be worried about the tree's if it is not healthy they can get old and die or sometime's fall.To change the world if I see any sick tree's and take care of it because that is ware we get our freshness from.
Yesterday I had the worst day of my life.I will give you all the reasons why that was the worst day of my life #1 everything starts off good then starts off bad. #2 I keep forgetting to give my mom my red folder that's the reason why I couldn't go to the music show.#3 I to clean up my room and I don't want clean up my room but I don't want roaches in my room.#4 When I was texting on my phone I on axadent I send text to my dad instead of my grandmother.


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